Mitch Matthews

Keynote Speaker

Mitch Matthews

Mitch Matthews is a successful entrepreneur, best selling author and the creator of the DREAM. THINK. DO. podcast.

Mitch has a unique… almost weird... dream.  


He wants to help launch one million dreams in his lifetime.


In 2006, Mitch started something called “The BIG Dream Gathering” and it’s helping him to accomplish this goal.  


Now he and his dream team bring these Gatherings to top organizations and universities around the country.  These events help people to get clear and get the boost they need to make dreams a reality.

Some of the success stories involve dreamers launching million-dollar business, traveling the globe, writing best selling books and starting non-profits. 

In his talk, Mitch will share some stories and strategies that he’s learned along the way.  These concepts greatly increase a person’s chances of achieving their dreams at work and at home. 


So… what are some of your dreams and goals?  Let’s figure them out and get you going after them!

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