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Liz Nead

Liz Nead- Nead Inspiration

A speaker, coach and television host, Liz Nead is an expert in Bringing Life Back to Everyday Life. Her passion, Nead Inspiration is impacting the lives of thousands with life coaching, magazine articles, public speaking and life improvement television. She directs and hosts an Emmy Nominated television show called Life Dare which aired on Fox five days a week. Life Dare is an “unscripted” show inviting people to learn from experts and take a “challenge” to bring the lesson to life.

She has authored several best selling books,  The 100 Day JourneyCurry Up, an ethnic cookbook, The 180 Life, and 20 Beautiful Women. Her work has been featured ranked on Buzzfeed and reviewed by the Huffington Post. She blogs for Huffington Post and She Knows. Liz is a skilled story-teller and teacher, most recently climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and competing in the Iowa Strongman Games. Whether she is climbing a mountain, flipping 300 pound tires, producing an award winning television, or conducting experiences in her personal life, her audiences learns valuable lessons to build an influential life.

Her clients include the National Guard, the YWCA, University of Phoenix, Society for Human Resource Management, Principal Financial, the Oregon Women's Conference. She also helps speakers from all over the world bring their message to the stage.Elizabeth has a BS in Political Science and an MPA, creating several popular CD's, including Creating Inspired Vision and the Live Big Project. She also balances her passion-driven career with a busy family life, raising seven kids in a blended family with her husband, a retired Army Major.



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