Ryan Moon

Break-Out Speaker

Ryan Moon

Ryan Moon is passionate about the work he does for the business community while he serves as Membership Director for the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce along with the staff lead for their young professional group, genYP. Ryan is a graduate from the University of Northern Iowa and holds a B.A. in political science and has had the privilege of working at the Iowa State House and for incredible organizations in Washington, D.C. Originally from Casey, Ryan now resides in West Des Moines with his wife, Haley, and their two dogs, Hilton and Stark. If you couldn’t tell from his dogs’ names, Ryan is a huge fan of the Cyclones and Game of Thrones.


Breakout Session B: From Each Side of the Aisle: To Walking Down the Aisle

I have a unique love story. My wife is a registered Republican and I am a registered Democrat. We both met working under the most divisive place in Iowa, the Capitol. We are both highly engaged in politics and many times working against each other. While  even though we swore we could never date the other party we set aside differences and focused on the common ground we could find and fell in love. Our story has caught on as it brings hope to a current time in our lives when politics is currently tearing us apart. I was honored enough to tell my story at the Storytellers Project and was featured on NBC’s Today Show. My goal is to bring opposing sides together to listen and respect one another.

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